Лусио Капесе / Lucio Capece

Лусио Капесе родился в 1968-м году в Аргентине. С 2002-го года живёт в Европе. Он играет на сопрано-саксофоне, бас-кларнете, аналоговой электронике, срути-боксе и наборе беспроводных динамиков, парящих на шарах с гелием. 

Получив образование в области классической и джазовой музыки, Капесе играл современный джаз и композиции современных академических авторов. В 2000-м году решил играть электроакустику, но, после 12 лет работы в этом направлении, сосредоточился на проблематике восприятия музыки слушателем и музыкантом. Также интересуется особенностями саунда, связанными с расположением источников звука в пространстве.

За плечами Капесе импровизационные проекты с такими музыкантами как Раду Малфатти, Аксель Дёрнер, Ли Паттерсон, Кристиан Кестен, Тошимару Накамура, Родри Дэвис, Робин Хейвард и другими. Также известен проектами с электронными музыкантами Микой Вайнио и Владиславом Дилэем.

Experimental musician born in Argentina in 1968. Lives in Europe since 2002, and specifically in Berlin since 2004. He plays the soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, analog electronics (synthesizers, equalizers on feedback), Sruti Box and a set of Wire less speakers that fly hanging from Helium Baloons. 

After developing his work in the context of electro acoustic improvisation for over 12 years, Capece currently focuses on the perceptual experience. Mainly through his solo pieces, as well as occasional collaborations, also based in the same interest. 

After following a classical music and jazz education in Buenos Aires, Lyon and New York and playing in Argentina in the context of contemporary Jazz, he dedicated since 2000 to play electroacoustic improvised music, applying to his reeds instruments a set of preparations and self created extended techniques. His set up allowed him to build simple polyphonic constructions of noises and pitched sounds, that intended to appeal to the development of an holistic listening. In the last years he has been focusing in the use of his reeds instruments with a more reduced palette focusing in the use or harmonics and microtonality.  

He has been involved in several stable improvised music projects, working improvisation in a specific context where silence and quietness, consideration of spacial situation, and precision in the choices, are main aspects (projects with Radu Malfatti, Lee Patterson, Christian Kesten, Toshimaru Nakamura, Rhodri Davies, Burkhard Beins, Sergio Merce, Julia Eckhardt, Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward, Jamie Drouin among others) . As much as the attempt to build non narrative music including low or high volume sonorities. What took him to perform in several projects with musicians like Mika Vainio , Kevin Drumm and Mattin. 

His work and research in perception, in recent years, has taken him to compose a piece including Video, based in texts taken from the „Cahiers“ of poet Paul Valéry, To do Spectral projects based in intervented recordings of spaces, diffussed lately using speakers hanging from Balloons filled with Helium (Conditional Music), and a set of Pendulums created with wire less speakers. 

He has performed Conditional Music in the context of very different spaces; The Cathedral of Bern (Zoom In Festival, 2012) The Mambo Museum in Bologna (Live Arts week 2012), and during the night, in Kleylehof, Austria (Reheat Festival 2013), in the absolute countryside, using as only illumination a set of led lights placed inside the Ballons.

In 2013, he created an interactive Installation for kids ( Cielo Stravisnky Project, CETC, Buenos Aires), using 900 Balloons, 10 of them with wireless speakers, and a set of 6 sensors (Light, distance, presence) that allowed the kids to modify loops created out of Igor Stravinsky´s music.