int030 | Lucio Capece | Elemental Pulse | Notes

Lucio Capece: Slide Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Analog Electronics (Synthesizer, Filter, Sequencer, Ring Modulator, Equalizer in Feedback), Field Recordings (Late night lake at Sokolowsko), Sine waves.

As a development of the projects based in appealing to experience the way we perceive, that I have been working on since 2010, “Elemental Pulse” takes as a departure point the idea that in silence, and even more in silence in the context of “Nature”, we can consider what we hear as a continuous sound, what is usually called a Drone. A drone that can be analysed in it´s spectral components, obtaining frequencies that in certain close ranges can produce beatings, that combined can introduce us to the primal experience of pulse, and then to rhythm.

1) Humanned Maneuvering Unit

Three voices played with Slide Saxophone, Analog Synthesizer and Analog Filter triggered by the Slide Saxophone.

The piece intends to represent the basic elements of body, space and consciousness in intimate and free interaction.

The image of recently passed away hero astronaut Bruce Mc Candless, performing an untethered spacewalk in 1984 by the first time, served as inspiration of this introduction to Elemental Pulse.


Considering this historical moment as a clear and achieved instant that expressed our position in space immensity, in ultra realistic terms.

2) Wessenschau
Analog Filter in three voices, Sequencer, Analog Synthesizer, Ring Modulator.

Simple minimal techno track in which the low register sequence changes slowly it´s  tempo. The track seems to lose it´s groove for a few instants during the sequence, each time, taking it back again. Appealing the listener to recreate the groove idea, mentally. In the listener´s perception the low voice and the main beat are re shaped slowly, creating a rhythm section that mutates slowly and attempts to happen correctly in the way it happens in the stablished language terms.

Wesensschau is a concept of modern philosophy, especially phenomenology. It refers to a cognisance that is considered evident, which is to be achieved by directly grasping a general object of cognition given in consciousness.

3) Late Night Lake

Field Recording made between 11 PM and 3 AM, open air, in front of a small lake within a forest, in Sokolowsko, Poland. Sine Tones, Bass Clarinet, Analog Filter, Equalizer in Feedback.

The recording happened in what I experienced as the most silent time I have spent in the context of an open air, natural space.

Original source of the idea of the whole piece, the track presents a selection of 27 minutes of the original recording, plus sine waves that perform selected frequencies deduced from the recording´s spectrum. Then I have interacted with those elements offering a slow repetitive sequence played with the bass Clarinet, afterwards processed with an analog filter, and a low voice created with an equaliser in feedback.

Lucio Capece, June 2019