int007 | Moweton + Astma feat. Edgars Rubenis | Guitaroid vs Megadrumster + Tickling Valmiera

Moweton + Astma feat. Edgars Rubenis
Guitaroid vs Megadrumster + Tickling Valmiera 

01. Wobmath (00:13) / 02. Promtunz (00:12) / 03. Bibars Natcho (00:14)
04. Traci Lords Of The Boards (00:16) / 05. Ovcelol (00:12) / 06. J8 (00:24)
07. Diying Fetus (00:15) / 08. Td-td-td-tdd (00:01)
09. Quentin Has Shot All Of Their Voices Through The Floor Of Caddy's Room (00:18)
10. Cold Balls (00:18) / 11. Dubal Vahazar (00:14) / 12. Htliapokale Tept3 (00:03)
13. Zra-21 (00:17) / 14. Take Care Of Your Fucking Self (00:27) / 15. Or db (00:25)
16. Hkhkouhoul tpe1 (00:02) / 17. Added Time - 44 Minutes (00:14)
18. Shirley`s -I Love Nerds- T-shirt (00:13) / 19. Freelancer vs. Freeimpreza (00:18)
20. Gorm (00:13) / 21. Houlkhku epte2 (00:03) / 22. Hydroaltar (00:09)
23. Slowly Changing Dimensions (Moweton vs. Panama Joe) (00:44)
24. Bushroot (00:16) / 25. Dobchinsky (00:28) /// 25. Bobchinsky (00:40)

26. Fun For Me (Moloko Cover) (00:28)
01. Tickling Valmiera (07:40)

2 x mini cd-r, digisleeve / edition of 100
30 May 2013

SOLD at Intonema

Седьмой релиз Intonema - сплит двух проектов. Цель Moweton (автором которого является петербургский гитарист Павел Медведев) - достижение характерной для грайндкора сверхинтенсивности с помощью экспериментальных в рамках жанра средств: кибер бласт-биты мутируют в глитч, риффы - в шумовую импровизацию, а экстремальный перегруз в подобие пальбы лазерами при игре на старой приставке. Astma - московский дуэт одного из пионеров российского нойза Алексея Борисова и барабанщицы Ольги Носовой (Motherfathers, Синкопированная Тишина). Трек для сплита записан на одном из концертов их тура с латвийским гитаристом Эдгарсом Рубенисом, жанровый диапазон работ которого простирается от нойза и дроуна до блюз-рока. Вместе с ним Astma оказались на территории психоделичного нойз-рока. Сторона Moweton оформлена художницей Yomi-Ferus, для обложки Astma использована картина Эрика Шутова.

The seventh Intonema release is a split of two projects. The purpose of Moweton (its creator is Saint Petersburg guitarist Pavel Medvedev) - achievement of ultra-intense typical for grindcore by experimental means within the limits of the genre: cyber blast beats mutates into a glitch, riffs into noise improvisation, extreme overdrives into a kind of firing lasers in an old console game. Astma is a Moscow duo of one of the Russian noise pioneers Alexey Borisov and drummer Olga Nosova (Motherfathers, Синкопированная Тишина). Track for the split was recorded at one of their perfomances on tour with Latvian guitarist Edgars Rubenis, the genre range of whose works spreads from noise and drone to blues-rock. Together with him Astma finds oneself on the territory of psychedelic noise-rock. Images for Moweton’s side were done by artist Yomi-Ferus; the painting by Erik Shutov was used for Astma’s cover. 

FX'd Ibby R-ock G-uitar as Guitaroid
Trashy Soft as Megadrumster 

Alexei Borisov: bass guitar, electronics, voice
Olga Nosova: drums, percussion, voice, effects
Edgars Rubenis: electric guitar, effects

Video clip "Traci Lords of the Boards":

"While still partial to the taste of excessive guitars and drumming, I turned with some delight to the Moweton mini-album Guitaroid Vs Megadrumster (INTONEMA int007). This duo, charmingly named as FX’d Ibby R-ock G-uitar and Trashy Soft, manage to squeeze 26 ultra-short tracks onto their 3-inch CD, and perform a strange species of mega-fast experimental hardcore mathrock, tempering the overall mayhem with unexpected jazzy major seventh chords, funky riffs, and avant-garde electronic noise. It defies rational sense how they manage to get away with violating so many musical taboos in such a small space, but they pull it off with gusto and zeal. The listening experience alternates between having six-inch nails hammered into the forehead at great speed, and being force-fed a series of small energy pills about the size of Smarties. A vitamin-enriched painfest it be. Moweton illustrate their work with one of the naffest and trashiest sci-fi disaster movie airbrushed visuals ever created, but don’t let this prevent you from investigating their insanely hyped-up music. This record sent from Russia is packaged together with…

…Tickling Valmiera, performed by Astma featuring Edgars Rubenis. Just one track on here, shy of eight minutes in length, performed by the wonderful Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, joined by said Rubenis. This strange growling murk, enlivened with multiple swarms of electric bees, was made using guitars, bass, percussion, effects and electronics, and it inhabits a curious zone – a zig-zagging gaseous stormcloud of musical noise, throwing out strange bolts and shimmering like a vast, inedible fruit jelly. Apparently it’s an edited fragment from a concert the trio performed in Latvia in 2011. Why haven’t we got the whole gig? Maybe it was deemed to dangerous for human consumption. Now that I look at the cover drawing by Erik Shutov, I have to admit that his perceptive pen has come very close to illustrating the exact nature of the spiky abrasive sound herein. Very good. From 01 July 2013."

(Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector)

"An odd release. In the standard Intonema package we find two 3"CDRs, one with twenty-six tracks by Moweton that last seven minutes - the shortest four seconds and the longest forty-four seconds - and a piece from a concert at unfinished skyscraper in Valmiera, Latvia by Astma, featuring Edgars Rubenis. Moweton plays 'Fx'd Ibby R-ock G-uitar as Guitardid' and 'Trashy Soft as megadrumster', whatever that means, but surely it has something to do with computer games (and thus flies right over my head), and is sort of punk like release. Short pieces, all pretty aggressive and mean, but with an odd link to computer - games? music? cyberpunk? - and it's probably more fun than great. They also thought of twenty-six titles, so that's good. Astma, being Alexei Borisov (bass guitar, electronics, voice) and Olga Nosova (drums, percussion, voice, effects) are guested by Edgards Rubenis on electric guitar and effects during a very concentrated, minimalist noise rock piece of violent crashing bass sounds, compressed noise of the effects, and long howl on the guitar before falling apart into a more free noise jam towards the end. It's nice, but it sounds perhaps also a bit too much like an excerpt of a concert. And when do we see the end of painted CDRs? Both of these nearly ruined my external CD drive."
(Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly)